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The common sense for cookware to use and keep

Cleaning and keeping:
* At the first time of cooking, please use neutral detergent and warm water to clean the pan, and then use dry and soft cloth to wipe it.
* After each time used, we advice you to use the rest temperature to clean the inner side and out side of the pan.
* Every time after you clean the pan, please put it in the dry area.

* Each time before cooking, please wipe the moisture content with soft and dry cloth to avoid the appearance of yellowing or blacking in the surface of the pan.
* Don’t burn the empty pan, because after the high temperature the pan will be distorted.
* The characteristic of our products are: rapid heat transfer, strong heat store capability, and even heated in the surface of the pot, so you needn’t use big fire to cook, and it will save energy.
* After each cooking, please cleaning the pot as soon as possible.

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